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most tense moment ever!

Defending Ashley Williams is doing God's work, and I applaud you.


Why thank you! I’ve been an Ash fan from the moment i met her. I hate when people bash her with out playing the game fully with her to see that she grows as a person. That’s what makes her human. That she see she is wrong and accepts it and learns to be better about her views. But people are entitled to their opinions so if they don’t like Ashley then that’s okay. I just wish we could live in a fandom where we didn’t have to choose between squad mates. 

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Date tough women.

Date women who like poetry.

Date women who stick up for their family.

Date women who survive Virmire.

Date Gunnery Sergeants who protect the galaxy from genocidal robots.

Date Ashley Williams.



I didn’t realize how important Ash/Shepard was to me until I realized that her conversations with Shepard make her less xenophobic as the game goes on to the point when she’s the one asking you to save the Council at the end of the game, something pre-ME1 Ashley would never do. Also, if you romance Tali in ME2, she refers to her as her little sister in the hospital in ME3.
Bioware never explicitly says she’s not xenophobic anymore, they show it through her words and actions, and Ash is a perfect example of character development.

TL;DR- Forever on the Ashley Williams defense squad, and I wish I didn’t have to choose between her and Kaidan on Virmire.




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I was digging through some files and found a deleted scene that I think stands pretty well on its own, so I figured I’d post it as a ficlet.

Invasion Day: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams stops her conversation with a beefy lieutenant. She feels the ground shake and hears the rumble of distant explosions.

“What the—” Lieutenant Vega says, but Ashley interrupts.

“No,” she says with a sense of mounting dread. “Damn it! Where’s the armory in this place, Vega?” She takes off at a run before she’s heard all of the answer, Vega at her heels.

She wishes she had heavier armor, or a better gun. She wishes she hadn’t gotten spruced up to speak to the defense committee; her hair is in her face, and her new armor doesn’t fit quite right. She can’t let herself think about mother or sisters right now. It’s hard to think about anything right now, because the whole damned chain of command seems to have fallen apart, no matter who she tries to reach. Just like the brass, she thinks, losing their heads when the shit actually hits the fan, and it takes her a moment to remember that she’s an officer herself.

In the back of her mind, as she runs and shouts orders and tries to get someone, anyone, on the comm, there’s a loop running that tangles Tennyson and psalms all together:

Theirs not to make reply

Theirs not to reason why

Theirs but to do or die

Into the valley of Death

though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil

It feels a lot like prayer. “Ours not to reason why,” she murmurs after she’s finally raised Admiral Anderson, as she begins to make for the Normandy’s berth. “Damn straight I shall fear no evil.” But the pounding of her heart belies that statement.

It’s pandemonium as she runs through the corridors, and there’s a deep thrumming that she can feel more than hear, through the soles of her boots, and it sets the hairs on the back of her neck alight, reminding her way too damn much of Eden Prime.

This time, she will not be the last marine standing.

make me choose; ozoi asked: ashley williams or liara t’soni

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sometimes when you take down a fuckton of reapers, you gotta fist bump your squadmate
ashley and default femshep are belong to bioware and such
ignore ashley’s disappearing arm


sometimes when you take down a fuckton of reapers, you gotta fist bump your squadmate

ashley and default femshep are belong to bioware and such

ignore ashley’s disappearing arm